MentorSET Case Studies

Hannah Woor

Hannah Woor - successful nuclear physicist who knows the benefits of MentorSET

Hannah Woor is a physicist working in the nuclear industry. She has a very successful career and is now in a management role with British Energy as Continuous Improvement Manager at Sizewell B. Dig a little deeper though and you will find out that for a number of years Hannah has been very active in MentorSET, both as a mentor and a mentee. So, could this be the secret of her success  the fact that she has been willing to accept help as a mentee, and then be able to give something back, as a mentor.

Hannah would definitely recommend MentorSET, "Its about confidence," she says, "having the opportunity to discuss work with an outside person and so having an different perspective gives you a new way of looking at problems and work in general, and increases your confidence.

Hannah first heard of MentorSET through a leaflet in an Institute of Physics Magazine in 2004. After returning from her first maternity leave Hannah was surprised to find out just what an impact it had had on her career. However Hannah made the very sensible decision to try having a mentor to see if that would help. MentorSET assigned Hannah a mentor in the nuclear industry who had children herself and had 'been there and done that', so to speak. They usually meet up face to face, every two or three months and she has helped Hannah a great deal. Her career is now going from strength to strength and she has become a mentor to someone else.

Hannah has been a mentor for several years now. "My mentor helped me tremendously and I am there to help my mentee," she says. MentorSET is very much a person focused scheme, the mentoring style is mentee-lead and informal, so its really up to those involved to make it work. If a pairing is successful it can be of huge benefit to both the mentor and mentee with both gaining a new perspective on problems and issues.

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